Daily News – Shopping for a box!

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Today, Brian (from CrossFit Fort Meade) and I went shopping for a new home.

We started the morning at Odenton Station. The place hard a lot of rough edges. They had a couple of “suites” available – each being about 1700 square feet. The bathroom was poorly placed and did not seem to be up to code. One of the exits was not properly marked as an exit. There was also an oddly placed structural beam in the main space. Overall, the place would require work and would constrain the rig to one of the wall spaces. This would not be the home for CrossFit Glen Burnie.

We went to lunch at Quiznos and actually ate some bread with our meal (shhhh, don’t tell Melissa).

Afterwards, we visited another property (location not to be disclosed at this time). This second location will likely be our new home. Assuming that we successfully complete negotiations. Wish us luck!

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