Roads to Improved Fitness – Not Tracks

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Well, I’ve been re-starting over and over it seems. I’ve realized with my job and everything going on right now, working out in the evenings is not going to cut it. It is too often that I’m called to stay at work that I miss a workout. I’m now settling into the 5am class on MWF. Well, if I can make a Friday, I’ll be at MWF. So far, my Friday’s have sucked. But that doesn’t mean I won’t get there. I will.

I’ve also been looking at the past – sort of divining how the future can be. I realize I suck at losing weight. So, I’m going to try a different tactic. I’m going to not suck at getting healthy. A byproduct should be that I will lose weight. I am committing to this path – healthy. Whatever else happens – great.

I’ve been coming up with sayings that can contradict my inner voice’s negative speak. I’m going to print them out and put them where they can’t be missed.

Instead of saying – well, you screwed up and that ruins what you’ve done – as in “My diet has gone off the rails”, I’m going to say “That’s a speed bump. I’m still on my road trip, just slowed down a bit.” Because when you are trying to get somewhere, Rails or Trains are limited to one path. If you’re off the path, you’re not going to get there. Speed bumps are on roads. And if you’ve ever used a mapping program, there are many roads that can be used to get to a destination. Some are faster than others. Some have construction or tolls or accidents. But they all get there in the end. There is no stopping until you get to your destination. And healthy is my destination.

So while I’ve hit a few speed bumps along the way, I’m still on my trip to get to healthy. And CrossFit is a big part of that. So what if just about every activity needs to be scaled for me? It’s a big part of what makes CrossFit something everyone can do. And I’m in a great box to do that. The trainers and other participants are all on the same trip I’m on, just using different paths and vehicles.

-Linda (member since: January 2015)

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