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Impromptu Friday Night BBQ – 13 November 2015

“Sticks” – Friday Night Impromptu BBQ – After the Friday 6:45 PM workout this Friday, we will fire up the grill, and skew some meat and veggies. This is a great time to kick back and socialize with our newest members. Please consider joining us.

Social at Frisco Taphouse – Next Tuesday – 17 November 2015 @ 7 PM

Join us for a casual get together at Frisco Taphouse, located in Crofton next Tuesday, 17 November 2015 at 7 PM.  Grab a beer or order from their menu of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizza, entrees, etc.  Evolution Craft Brewing Company will be there for the eVolution Pint Night, so, if you order a pint of the eVo beer you will get to take home a free glass.

2406 Brandermill Blvd
Gambrills, MD 21054

November Food Drive is a Win-Win-Win!

Another opportunity for CFGB members to win by giving!  This month we have the following good causes:

#1. Check In : Every check in results in a meal for a young Burmese refugee.

#2. Donate non perishables : Every item donated benefits a local food bank.

#3. Check in ten times or more this month and donate one or more food items and receive a CrossFit Glen Burnie gift card^ that you can give to a friend.

Here’s information from our non-profit partner, the Hunger Site, on the specific program we are supporting:

November_5_thumbHelp Nurture and Educate Young Refugees.

Like many Thai towns along the Thailand-Burma border, Mae Sot is a sanctuary for Burmese refugees in their flight from the upheaval of civil war in their own country. Tens of thousands of Karen and other Burmese minorities subsist on the fringes of the Thai economy and await a brighter future. For 20 years, the Mae Tao Clinic has provided life-saving care to Burma’s displaced population, especially its children.

There are 286,000 Burmese migrants living in the Tak province, and the overwhelming majority are under the age of 19. Parents often send their children to Thailand in effort to further their education and avoid the risks of unsafe child labor. Boarding houses give these children a stable environment in which to continue their education, either in Thai schools or migrant learning centers. However, there is not enough consistent donor support for the growing number of boarding houses, apart from Mae Tao Clinic’s Dry Food Programme (DFP), which provides the children with dry food rations, and hygiene and bedding supplies.

The DFP provides the primary nourishment for 3,000 migrant students via rice, tin fish, oil, yellow beans, salt, and sweet powder. Without these essential food donations, many boarding houses would be unable to provide
for the children.

GiftCardsSo far this month we have had 77 check-ins!  That is 77 meals!!!  We are on our way to reaching our goal of 200 meals this month.  View a live dashboard here.

Be more! Be CFGB!

^  Check in ten times or more this month and donate one or more food items and receive a CrossFit Glen Burnie gift card.  Members may give gift cards to anyone interested in trying a month of CrossFit at our gym. Your friends will save $100 on their first month.



Pursuit of Excellence Seminar Series12194984_964745863614399_3388350509963690354_o
The first in a series of informative Pursuit of Excellence Seminar Series, “The Foundations of CrossFit”.

Time: 1 PM to 2:30 PM

Wow!  This seminar is free for members and their guests!!! What a great way to introduce a friend or someone that you know to the benefits of CrossFit.  {FirstName}, do you know someone in the area that is interested in learning more about CrossFit?

Develop a deeper understanding of the underpinnings of CrossFit, Fitness, and Virtuosity.

90 minute seminar, includes lecture on essential CrossFit methodologies and foundations, pursuit of virtuosity in movement, and a group workout.

All members and their friends are welcome.  Seminar Fee of $40 waived for all members and their guests!

What if I’m just starting out — maybe I have only been doing CrossFit for a month or so, is this right for me?
 Yes!  We would like to share some of the fundamental insights into the magic of CrossFit.  Since you are just starting out, you will benefit from the knowledge and experience that took others many years to learn.

What if I have been CrossFitting for years, don’t I already know the fundamentals? Yes, you may.  However, this would be a wonderful time to refresh and share new insight on your experiences with the others. All are welcome to come and share their questions, thoughts, and insights.  This would also be a perfect time to bring someone that you know that would benefit from starting CrossFit.


Thank you so much for being a member of our community!!

Bob and the Staff and Trainers at CFGB






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Certified CrossFit Trainer

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