02 January 2016 – Meeting to Discuss Our Programming

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We will be meeting this Saturday at 11 AM at the gym to discuss our programming — everyone is invited, attendance is optional.


* Brief Overview of our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Programming – Current State (20 minutes)
+ Why do we program the way that we do? What are the goals of the programming?
+ What strength cycle are we in, anyway?
+ How do we come up with the workout of the day?
+ What are the benchmark workouts?
+ What if I can’t do the workout of the day? (scaling)

* New competitor programming – Available starting in January (20 minutes)
+ Why are we adding competitor programming?
+ What is the competitor programming?
+ Does this change the GPP workout of the day?
+ Is the competitor programming open to everyone and is it right for me?

* Evolution of our Programming – What does the future bring? (15 minutes)
+ Why are we relentless in our pursuit of excellence?
+ Your thoughts and input are important to us.
+ What questions do you have about our programming?
+ What if I can’t think of a question right now, or am unable to attend this meeting
* We always welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please email any questions or comments to info@crossfitglenburnie.com
* We will post the minutes form the meeting and share them with you.
* If you are able to come, we look forward to seeing you this weekend.

Programming Archive

Location: Gym
Date: Saturday 2 January 2016
Time: 11 AM – 12 Noon.
Presenting: Max and Bob
Q&A encouraged.


Bob and the
Staff of CrossFit Glen Burnie







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