2016 Lurong Resolution Challenge

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This Challenge is for everyone! The new year is the perfect time to hit the nutrition and fitness reset button.


The challenge runs for five weeks — from January 18th through February 21st.

It includes a five-week meal plan and community recipe book, contests, a national and gym leaderboard, weekly WODs, and a whole lot of fun.

We are making several improvements over last years event, to include integrating the Lurong weekly workouts right into our very own programming. Now, everyone in the whole gym will be doing the workouts together on the same day — much like the CrossFit Open. Also, we are going to kick off the challenge with a “CFGB Pursuit of Excellence” seminar series topic on NUTRITION! The date of the seminar will be announce soon. This is going to be fabulous and delicious.


How do you join in on this?

Check out this Lurong link and then register. https://challengeseries.lurongliving.com/resolution16/land/

We are with you on this. A number of us have already registered. Make 2016 great, don’t miss out!



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