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Check out our programming archive for the entire month of February Programming. Click here to find both the GENERAL and the COMPETITIVE programming for February.

Some notes for this month: With workouts programmed each day of the week, we make it easier for you to schedule your workouts each week — simply show up and workout any day of the week. However, if possible, we recommend that you plan out your week and include one RECOVERY day and one REST day for the week. For some, this might be three to five workouts during the weekdays, with Saturday being a recovery day and Sunday being a rest day. Others may select an alternate recovery day – for example, someone might perform workouts on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, reserving Thursday for a RECOVERY day and Sunday for a rest day.

Our programming now borrows heavily from Ben Bergeron of CrossFit New England. If you have a chance you may wish to check out his website at We extend or thanks to Ben for providing his well thought out programming for the community. Using Ben’s programming as a base, we have expanded upon it by providing daily workouts for Thursdays and Sundays — days that Ben typically programs a RECOVERY day and a REST day. Again, we do this to provide more flexibility to you in your week to week work-life-workout balance. Here’s how Ben describes the difference between a RECOVERY DAY and a REST day.

What is the difference between “Recovery Days” and “Rest Days?”
Rest is just that – nothing. Relax, veg-out, hang with the family, watch tv and generally get off your feet. Rest is important both mentally and physically.
Recovery is about pro-actively speeding up your recovery. This involves getting blood flowing, massage, ART, active recovery, mobility work, foam rolling, yoga, compression, voodoo flossing and anything else that might promote recovery.

In the month of February, you will find METCON (conditioning) workouts occurring ahead of the strength workouts, typically. You will also find days with two or more METCONS programmed. The reasoning behind this is to help prepare everyone for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open (five week starting February 27). The Open workouts tend to be focus on shorted, higher intensity workouts. Therefore, you will find many of the workouts this month are designed to help you build overall endurance, technique, and speed in these type of workouts.

Please keep in mind that we always emphasize movement first. That means that you will go further and avoid injury by practicing and focusing on the fundamentals – always. Always work on form and technique before adding higher load or intensity! Remember, practice make permanent!

CrossFit Game Open

Have you registered yet? Please do. Each year this 5-week long event gets better and better. So, we would like you to register and be part of this premiere community event for 2016. Register now, please!

Be a Judge at our CrossFit Games Open in 2016

Hey! Would you like to be a judge in the 2016 CrossFit Games Open. If so, all you would need to do is to take and pass the judge’s course (registration for this course is $10).

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