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Thinking of trying CrossFit? We would like to invite you to join us in February for a new series of beginners classes.





CrossFit Glen Burnie

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Here’s a short video explaining what we do and how to get started at CFGB!  Everything I’m about to say will make much more sense after you watch it.  🙂   –> Click here! <–

If CrossFit is new to you:

I recommend the “On Ramp” Course.  It’s a 12 session course that we hold each month which covers all the basics of the CrossFit program including exercise and nutrition.  You can pick from one of two series.  Series A meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:45pm for 4 weeks.  Series B meets Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30 pm.

The “On Ramp” course is designed to teach you the correct technique of the CrossFit movements and ease you into the intensity of the workouts. Each class begins with a warm-up with a coach, and then the coaches teach you proper technique for the movements that you will be doing in the workout that day, everyone then does the workout together, and then there will be a short nutrition talk at the end of each class.

After the 4 weeks of “On Ramp” you also get 2 additional weeks of the regular CrossFit classes for a total of 6 weeks.

The next course begins on Monday, February 1st at 6:45pm -or- Tuesday, February 2nd at 5:30 pm. The course is $169.

Invite your friends/family members: You’re welcome to bring any friends/family members that are interested.

If you sign up for the December “On Ramp” Course before January 31st, you can take advantage of $25 off our original price of $169 making the entire six weeks of training just $144!  Click here to sign up today!!!! Use the Online Discount Code: CFGBX25 to save $25 on your registration.

After the “On Ramp” course you can sign-up for the regular CrossFit classes.

Are you interested in beginning with our “On Ramp” program with your free two weeks by attending Day 1 of the next “On Ramp” Course on Monday, February 1st at 6:45 PM -or- Tuesday February 2nd at 5:30 PM?

Membership rates:

  • $179/month – 3-Month Membership (Base Rate)
  • $159/month – 6-Month Membership ($20 off each month)
  • $149/month – 12-Month Membership ($30 off each month)


  • 8266 Lokus Road – Unit 101, Odenton, MD 21113 (Directions)

Class schedule and Membership Options:

We look forward to seeing you again and can’t wait for you to start with us.

Hope to hear from you soon,










Bob and the Staff of CrossFit Glen Burnie

Bob Gillingham,

Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT)


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8266 Lokus Road – Unit 101

Odenton, MD   21113

(443) 962-3899

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