Saturday, 20 February 2016

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“How to Get Strong”

Join us this Saturday at 12 Noon for a mini-seminar on “How to Get Strong”. In this lecture, Rob will present the results of his meta-analysis on how we get strong — answering some of the mysteries behind the development of strength. Although people have been pursuing strength gains since the dawn of time, much of the information out there is confusing and at times down right conflicting. Come on out this Saturday!

Kids and Teens Classes

Do you have or know kids or teens that would like to challenge themselves, develop more and more self confidence, while also having fun with their peers? Consider bringing them out for one or more of our Kids and Teens classes.

  • Teens (ages ~12 – 18) – Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 PM, and Saturdays at 9 AM
  • Kids (ages 5 – 12) – Wednesdays at 5:30 PM, and Saturdays at 8:30 AM

“Let’s Play a Game”

We would like you to close your eyes for a minute and think about the people, community, environment, and experiences of CFGB. Then, open your eyes and write the first three words that come to mind. No matter what they are, write them down. If possible, please send those words to us ( We’re designing a new shirt for the gym, and we would like to incorporate your ideas. Thanks!


Bob and the Staff and Trainers of CFGB

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