CFGB Community! & Events this week – 2 March 2016

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I would like to share a few thoughts with you about our community – the great respect and gratitude that I have for what we share. Often, I’ll pause and take a few minutes to observe and reflect on the CFGB community. Each day, I see people greeting one another, checking-in on each other, lending a helping hand, sharing stories of work, of family, and of life. This is community members caring for one another in so many ways. Thank you for that!

For example, when someone new comes into the gym, within seconds, you are welcoming them into the CFGB family, so to speak. I really appreciate that. Often, when a guest visits our gym, they remark about YOU, the community, and how friendly you were to them when they visited. Thank you! We all know how intimidating CrossFit can be for someone new to CrossFit, yet your gestures and actions go a long way to helping them to feel less intimidated and more welcomed and cared for. Thanks!

I would also like to thank you for encouraging one another during the workouts. I really like that! We all know how hard some of these workouts can be – just to finish them at times can be an accomplishment. Thank you for encouraging one another and helping each person strive to be their best.

I also especially appreciate our “personality” and culture as a gym. Rarely, if ever, does a workout become an unhealthy fit of competition. Instead, I see healthy and rewarding competition. We all would like to be our best. And with CrossFit, each workout provides an opportunity for each of us to scale appropriately. Because of CrossFit, each person – regardless of their experience level and capacity – can work out side-by-side, in an appropriately challenging WOD.

I would also like to recognize our coaches. You each go above and beyond, building a foundation and an environment where our community can thrive.

Please let me mention a few more example of community that I see. In February – for example – our Sweat Angels campaign raised enough money to provide 47 hours of care for sheltered animals. Each month we have a new cause. When you check-in on Facebook, you are letting your friends know about your CrossFit community and the positive ways that we are giving back to the greater community. Additionally, in February Liz helped us organize an animal-shelter drive. Because of a number of donations from you and others in our CFGB community, we collected two large bins full of blankets, towels, food, and toys that will be donated to our local animal shelter. Thank you!

When I look around and watch the community at “work”, I see UNITY across diversity. Unity and diversity is a wonderful and rich element of our community – to be treasured. It is who we are. We are COMMUNITY.





Invite a Friend to Try CrossFit

Bring a friend to try CrossFit. We have a new series of beginner classes starting on Monday @ 6:45PM and Tuesday @ 5:30PM. Just do it! Drive them to the gym if you have to. We are expecting this to be one of the best set of beginner classes! Friends bring friends to CrossFit.


Thursday Night WOD Announcement!

Join us at the gym each Thursday evening at 7:45 PM through March 24th to watch the week’s CrossFit Games Open Live WOD announcement. Join the CFGB family as we pile on (or around) the sofa, make popcorn, and watch the live announcement on our projection screen. Along with 300,000 other CrossFitters, we will listen as Dave Castro announces this week’s WOD. This week is the “Garage Gym Showdown” with the third- and fourth-ranked men from the 2015 Games, Björgvin Guðmundsson, Dan Bailey, along with members of the CrossFit community take on this week’s WOD minutes after it is announced. Join us for this event Thursday evening @ 7:45 PM.

Not Registered for the CF Games Open?

Each year our participation in the CF Games Open grows!. At last count, we have 49 CFGB members and staff registered – joining over 300,000 people worldwide!!! Each week for five weeks, we will perform the same workout along with hundreds of thousands of others across the globe. Even if you are not registered, you are also performing these same WODs. Each Friday and Monday through March 28th, our workout of the day will be the same as the one announced worldwide. So – even if you are not registered for the CF Games Open – you are participating.

All normal classes will be meeting as regularly scheduled during the Open, with only one small change to the schedule. Throughout the week, including Friday, join us for any of our regularly scheduled classes. Additionally, you may come at any time between 5:30 PM and 8 PM for our Friday Night Lights event. The FNL event includes the daily WOD, so please join us for that, especially if this is the time that you normally work out!

Let say that you normally come to the 5:30 PM or 6:45 PM classes on Friday – how might the Friday Night Lights affect you? Well, during the FNL event, we run multiple heats of the daily workout. The heats are listed on the whiteboard. When you arrive at the gym, write your name on the list for the time that you would like to perform the WOD. Many others that would normaly come earlier in the day we instead come during this time. We will brief the workout and make sure that you are warmed-up. Each workout can be independently scored, if you desire. Because of the larger community attending and individual heat format, much excitement will be had by all as we cheer each other on during this year’s CrossFit Games Open WODs. Whether you have registered or not, we look forward to seeing you!


Friday Night Lights

Heat sign-ups will be on the whiteboard Thursday evening immediately following the CF Games Open announcement. Join us from 5:30 pm through 8 pm for more fun than a caveman roller skating in a buffalo herd.


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