April/May Programming Notes

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Today we released the next five weeks of programming (April 10th through May 14th). Here are a few highlights and things you need to know about the upcoming programming.
The general programming continues from what we established in March and early April. The workouts continue to be challenging and constantly varied. You may notice a touch of bias towards strength, power, and speed – with strength WODs included for most days. Our general programming seeks to build a broad fitness base for all. Your consistent participation is CrossFit will be your key to great results. Look forward to getting great results over the next five weeks.
Recovery and Rest Days are incredibly important to your success. A recovery day is setting aside a day to pro-actively speed up your recovery. This involves getting blood flowing, massage, ART, active recovery (e.g. walk, jog, cycle, hike, or swim), mobility work, foam rolling, yoga, compression, voodoo flossing and anything else that might promote recovery. A Rest Day is just that – nothing. Relax, veg-out, hang with the family, watch tv and generally get off your feet. Rest is important both mentally and physically. Even though our programming provides a WOD for each day of the week, we expect that you and the others members take recovery and rest days each week. For many, this will be one recovery day (Thursdays) and one rest day (Sundays), for example.
All of these tracks are available in the gym, and also on our website at https://www.crossfitglenburnie.com/programming-archive/ .

Endurance Programming

Several folks have asked about supplementing their CrossFit WODs with some additional Endurance WODs. If you are one of them, consider joining our CFGB Endurance (Facebook Group): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1715408525401458/

This month, we are releasing a separate track aimed at building aerobic capacity and endurance. The Endurance programming provides three additional WODs each week – a Short Interval (SI), Long Interval (LI), and a Tempo/Stamina or Time Trial (TT) WOD. If desired, the Endurance workouts will supplement your CrossFit sessions. So, in addition to your regular three to five weekly CrossFit sessions, you will be adding up to three additional Endurance sessions each week. So, if you have the time and desire to pursue the Endurance Track, please let us know so we can keep in touch and support you in that endeavor (info@CrossFitGlenBurnie.com).

Ideally, the SI and LI workouts would be performed 3+ hours before or after your CrossFit WOD. For many, this would be a morning session and an afternoon session. Occasionally this is not possible, and on those occasions – although not ideal – the Endurance WOD can be performed before or after the CrossFit WOD.

Masters Programming

Starting this month, through July, we now include a “Masters” track. Based on the 2015 CrossFit New England Master’s programming, this track is designed to prepare for the 2016 CrossFit Games Masters Qualifiers (April 21st – April 25th) and ultimately the 2016 CrossFit Games. This track is specifically for Maters Qualified athletes. Masters athletes that are following this track will follow this track for each day in lieu of the general programming. The Masters’ program track includes additional skills and volume especially designed for the above mentioned goals.

Some days, the Masters programming and the general programming overlap, with the same or very similar WODs. This is especially true during the weekend of the Masters Qualifiers, where the general programming will mirror the Masters Qualifier WODs to be announced on Thursday evening, 21 April 2016 at 8 PM. The scheduling and arrangement of these WODs will be determined at that time.

Please note the change in the Rest (Mondays) and Recovery (Thursdays). These adjustments in the Rest/Recovery tempo are designed to prepare the athlete for the upcoming qualifiers to commence on Friday, April 22nd.

Competitors Programming

The competitors programming mirror the 2015 CrossFit New England Programming. The Rest days move from Sunday to Monday, with the recovery days remaining on Thursdays. This change is made with the anticipation of the upcoming regional competitions towards the end of May. This shift prepares the athlete for the upcoming weekend competition activity, with Monday’s being a Rest day.

The competitors programming is open to everyone. However, since individualized coaching for the competitor WODs is not typically available, we recommend that most follow the general programming.

How do I choose Competitor or Open Programming? Here is the guidance that we would like to provide to all regarding this question:

  • GENERAL PROGRAMMING – This means the FIT FOR ALL, the general programming will provide a broad and general fitness to everyone. Although many of these workouts performed a prescribed (RX) are very challenging, each of the WODs can be scaled appropriately for all. Your big competition for the year may very well be life itself, and you want to do everything you can to perform at your best at life.
  • COMPETITORS – You are confident that you are going to make it through the Open and be a contender for the regional competitions in the next three years. You have your sights set on the Regionals with the Ultimate goal of finishing top 10 or getting on the REGIONAL podium and punching a ticket to the Games.

Link to Our Programming Archive

Find all of our programming, past, present and future, here: https://www.crossfitglenburnie.com/programming-archive/

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