CFGB – You’re Invited! Memorial Day Murph

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Join us for a community tradition – Memorial Day Murph – is a Hero workout that can be performed as an individual or with a partner or team. We start with a few words and WOD briefing at 10 AM. Heats will runn throughout the morning and into the afternoon. The workout can be performed with a weight vest, or without. The movements can be performed segmented (i.e. something like 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 airsquats for 20 rounds — or unsegemented (all the pullups, then all the pushups, etc.)

We also will be grilling some dawgs and burgers. All are welcome to share by bringing something to eat or drink to the event. Surprise us!

This is always a wonderful community event. If possible, please join us for some community time! You can workout, or just hang. Either is fine. All members, guests, and drop-ins are welcome!

See you there!

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