July and August GPP Programming Now Available

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The July and August Programming is now available in our programming archive.  For those of you that like to open your presents early, find all 70 upcoming workouts online now!  So super excited about what is coming up!

Some highlights for the upcoming months include an unknown 2016 Masters Game WOD to be announced Thursday evening, July 21st.  We will find out from Susan, which of the 2016 Games workouts were here “favorite” — and that’s the workout that we will all do on Friday, July 22nd.

We also have a nice mix of individual and occasional team workouts planned through the months, along with five Hero WOD and a couple of other longer workouts.  Most of the workouts are shorter in duration — hitting all of the time domains — in a delicious mix of WOD with crazy names, like “Snake Bite” and “Cookies n’ Cream”.

For the months of July and August, we have adjusted the volume in the workouts to allow for more time to practice and learn movements and skills.  The programming keeps getting better and better.  Join us for a “wild” ride this Summer!

The Masters, Endurance, and Competitive programming are due out soon.  To be continued…

P.S. You can use the link provided below to access the archive, or click through to the Members Area on our website.


Programming Archive


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