New CFGB Games Limited Edition – Tee and Tank Design

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We will be ordering a new set of limited edition tee shirts and tanks for the upcoming CrossFit Games.  Please let me know if you would like one or more of these shirts.  I plan to place the orders Monday/Tuesday, so if you would like to reserve one, please let me know by the end of the day this MONDAY.

There are several options, and we are looking for your thoughts on the new design.
Some of the shirts have “Team Hirst” on the back – recognizing the achievement of one of our members, Susan Hirst who will be competing in the 2016 CrossFit Games in July.  Watch Susan on the CrossFit YouTube channel and on  All of the Masters, Team and Individual events will be covered on and on the CrossFit Games YouTube channel.  The Masters will be competing Tuesday July 19th through Thursday July 21st.  We will have a limited number of these Tees and Tanks printed, so if you think that you might like one, please let me know by the end of the day MONDAY
We also have a second similar CFGB Games shirt, CFGB Games logo on the front and a “United in strength, divided by none” STRENGTH LAB logo on the back.  If you would like me to reserve one of these for you, please let me know.
The tanks and tees will vary in price.  The material is a cotton/poly/rayon tri-blend and is super soft and comfortable.  The same style and material as our other popular shirts.  Depending on the quote from the vendor, we believe that the tanks will be $14 to $18 plus tax, and the tees will be $20 to $25 plus tax.
You can see the new designs in this PDF document:
Let us know what you think and what you interest level might be.  If you have a specific SIZE, QUANTITY, and STYLE that you would like us to reserve for you, then let us know that too.  Thanks.
P.S> If you can’t respond by Monday, no worries.  we plan on ordering a number of various sizes and styles in limited quantities.  These are available in our ProShop and can also be purchased online.  Just send us an email at and we will set you up.

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