Day 2 – CrossFit Games Weightlifting Wednesday

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Day 2 brings three exciting events.  Susan has recovered from a challenging first day at the Games, with a 16th place finish on Event 1 and an 8th place finish on Event 2.  The rope climbs proved much more difficult — with slick new ropes and new shoes, many athletes struggled on these.  Susan s in good spirits, though, and she is looking forward to day two.

The day will begin with Event 3 – “Feel the Berm”  With four rounds of a 600 M run and 15 burpee box jumps (18″ box), this workout will have the athletes race through the soccer stadium — climbing stairs, racing across the berm, and racing back down the stairs and around the field each round.  Event 3 starts at 1:15 PM EST (10:15 AM PST).  Here is the link to the live streaming event:

Events 4 and 5 are combined with Event 5 starting one minute after Event 4 completes.  Event 4 has a four minute time cap, but this should be a fast workout, with a single round of 18 Toes to Bar, 18 Clean and Jerks (65#), and two 80 meters sprints.  One minute after the Event 4 time cap expires, the athletes will have five minutes to establish a 1 RM Clean.  You don’t want to miss this event!  Check it out later this evening.  The fun starts at 6:25 PM EST (3:25 PST).

Huge shout out to all the CFGB folks cheering and sending their CFGB CrossFit love.  Thank you!


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