Day 3 – CrossFit Games at the Bar

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Yesterday began with Event 3 with Susan starting the day in 16th place overall.  Event 3 would challenge all athletes to push hard aerobically with four rounds of a 600 M run through the stadium.  The athletes would climb stairs and to the top of the berm and run behind the large stadium display with its shadowy cool-shade reprieve from the blistering sun.  From this highest point, the athletes would then descend the berm and then the stairs — as fast as caution would allow, feeling the calves and quads utter their quiet rebellion in fits of building lactic acid burn.  Once back in the stadium, the athletes would sprint across the field and complete 15 burpee box jumps to an 18″ box.  Susan would finish 17th in this event.

In the afternoon, the Masters ladies would return for two back-to-back events — a quick sprint style workout with 18 Toes to bar, 18 Clean and Jerks, and a two by 80 m sprint.  Susan went unbroken in her set of toes to bar — coming off the bar with four or five other ladies in the field.  A quick jog to the barbell, Susan cycled through a set of 18 unbroken clean and press reps and turned to sprint.  She glanced over her right shoulder to see that she was the first on the sprint.  Her thought then was to conserve energy on the sprint, running just fast enough to secure the win.  She finished Event 4 with her first event win, with two seconds to spare.

As the ladies finished Event 4, each reached for their weight belts and lifters.  Event 5 would begin one minute after the completion of event 4.  Susan would open with a comfortable 135# on the bar and a smooth squat clean.  Building, Susan would then complete 145#, 155#, and 160# — grinding through the sticking point on the 160# barbell for a good lift — surpassing Lynn Knapman’s 150#, Patty Failla’s 152# barball, tying Latisa Olsson’s 160#.  Susan loaded two more pounds on the bar and would make a successful attempt at #162, taking second place in the event behind Mary Beth’s impressive 185# clean.

At the completion of these two events, Susan improved her overall standing significantly.  Resilience, grit, and a never-give-up attitude pays dividends and sets the stage for Day 3.

Day 3 begins at 12:55 PM EST (9:55 AM PST), with the “D-Ball Triplet” — 3 rounds for time of 8 Thrusters (80#), 4 Bar Muscle Ups, and (2) D-Ball Cleans (100#).  Watch the event live on YouTube, on the Games site:

Susan would like to thank you each for your support!


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