September and October Programming is Now Available

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In addition to the new fan being installed, the general programming for September and October is now available in our Programming Archive.

The comp programming and the next cycle of Endurance programming will be available for download in the next couple of days.


Tied in with our daily programming, Beyond The Whiteboard is a workout tracking tool designed by CrossFitters for CrossFitters. CrossFit is evidenced based fitness, so what better way to track that evidence than an easy online tool that captures and records everything from workout results and personal records, to meals and body composition.
If you haven’t yet, you may wish to take a few minutes and create an account on Beyond The White Board – a great way to record the results of your workouts online. You may use this convenient link to request an account (free for members). Let us know (contact us) if you have any questions about setting up your Beyond the Whiteboard account and we will help you to get started.

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