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CFGB – Core Classes

We are really excited about a brand new series of CFGB Core classes – led by Abi.  You may have attended one or more of our “Handstand” Clinics in the past.  If you did, then you got a taste of what a core class might be like.  Our Core classes focus on developing a specific gymnastic skill over a six-week period.  Each core class includes a warm-up, core-building accessory exercises, plenty skill-building practice, and a workout.  Each class is one-hour long.   These classes are for ALL skill levels.  

The first series will start on February 19th and will meet each Sunday at 1 PM for six weeks.  The focus for this first series is the RING MUSCLE-UP.  Again, this series is for everyone — even if you never did a muscle up or even a pull-up in your life.  There will be plenty of skill transfer in what you will learn — making all of your gymnastics and core exercises better!  

We would like to know if you are interested.  Do you plan to attend?  If so, please let us know.  We would love to see you.

We plan to vary the schedule for future series so that all may be able to attend.  What days and times would you like to see our next series of CFGB Core classes?  What skill or element would you like us to cover?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Invite a Friend to Try/Start CrossFit

Do you know someone that would be interested in starting CrossFit?  Please let me know.  I would love to help them get started.  One way that people can start is by attending our beginner’s classes (also called “On Ramp” classes).  Each month we start a new series of On Ramp classes.  The next series will start the first week of February (Tuesday 07 February) and the first week of March (Tuesday 07 March).  

Your friend may also be interested in meeting with me.  I am also eager to help someone learn more about CrossFit.  Please invite your friend to contact me at  I can also be reached at (443) 962-3899.

Paleo Pot Luck

This Saturday at 11:30 AM we are gathering at the gym to share any and all Paleo recipes.  Please bring your favorite meal/dish/dessert to share.  This is a great way to share ideas and recipes with your CFGB community.  Don’t miss this event – such great food.  

The Games Open

The CrossFit Games Open starts the week of 23 February.  The whole gym will be participating.  Last year we had 49 members participating.  This year, we would like everyone to register and participate.  Worldwide, over 300,000 people participated last year and I am expecting nearly 385,000 people will participate this year.  This is our largest community event and it spans five weeks.  

Each week on Thursday evening a new workout will be announced.  Worldwide, CrossFitters just like you will have until Monday evening to complete the workout.  You too will get to join in on the fun.  Each Friday during the Open, come to any of our regularly scheduled classes and perform the vary same workout.  There will be scaling options, too.  So everyone can be part of the community and have fun.

Some of the special events during the Open will include:

  • Thursday Night WOD preview 8 PM – join us for some some snacks as we watch the weekly WOD announcement.  Then watch as two Games athletes compete head to head in the “just announced” WOD.  Share strategies and tips with your CFGB community as the details of this week’s workout are announced.
  • Friday Night Lights – starting at 5:30 PM, we will run heats of the WODs all night long until the last persons complete the WOD.  A favorite time for many.  Come out and watch as your CFGB community throw down.  
  • Are you CFGB team “Red” or CFGB team “Blue” – collect points for your team by attending the Open events, performing the Open WODs, placing in the top ten RX and scaled each week.  Win bragging rights for your team.  Everyone that registers for the Open will get to join one of our fun teams.  Are you team red or team blue?

It would mean a lot to me if you registered.  Register Online at Games.CrossFit.Com

Alternate 8 PM Class Schedule During the Open

During the weeks of The CrossFit Open, from the week of 20 February through the week of 20 March, the 8 PM class will meet with a slightly modified schedule.

Prior to 20 February – regular schedule – Tues/Thurs at 8 PM

20 Feb through 27 March – alternate schedule – Tues/*Weds* at 8 PM

After 27 March – returning to the regular schedule – Tues/Thurs at 8 PM


We always welcome your suggestions.  If you have a suggestion, thought, or comment, please feel free to share it with me.  Email (, text, phone (443 962-3899) are all welcome.  

New Tee Shirts

We have a new tee-shirt design at the printer.  I would like to know what you think.  We only plan to print a limited number, so let me know if you would like one.  We will print these on the high-quality super-soft tri-blend.  Same fit as the previous shirts.  I’ll post a PRE-ORDER sheet at the gym.  Planning on both UNISEX and WOMEN styles.  If you would like a shirt, be sure to add your name to the list and let me know the sizes and quantities that you would like. 

Lurong Update

We have just started week 4 of the 5-week Lurong challenge.  We have 32 people participating.  Our combined team score places us in 13th place nationally out of 74 teams.  We also have some individual leaders in the overall points category, with Michael Roorda holding 11th nationally, Bob holding 24th (Masters), Maria at 115th nationally out of 1670 women, Tanya 220th (Masters) out of 657, and Susan 3rd, Pat 23rd, and Reba 49th out of 305 Masters+ Women.  Everyone is doing really well.  Keep entering those meal points, track your goals, and grab this week’s lifestyle points.  Go Team!!!! Way to go everyone!  


Bob 🙂


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