Top 10 Swole and Flexy People of CFGB

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Congratulations to the top-10 list of persons attending ROMWOD sessions this month.
The race was close, with many people attending! Thanks to everyone for working on your flexibility!

C O N G R A T S Y O U S W O L E & F L E X Y P E O P L E !

Visits* Person
13 : Reba L
11 : Abigail P
11 : Diane P
7 : Bob G
6 : Bridget R
5 : Lucinda B
5 : Tony P
4 : Andrea S
4 : Ashley T
4 : John D
4 : Maddie F
4 : Maria A
4 : Ryan F
4 : Samantha H

* We were only able to count attendances at scheduled classes. We would like to note that many participated in unscheduled ROMWOD classes, but were not able to log their attendance into Zen Planner. Because of the popularity of ROMWOD — time permitting — we are now offering ROMWOD after most every class. Thank you to everyone that worked on their flexibility this month.

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