What If I’m Late to a Class?

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With everyone’s busy schedules, meetings that run late, work, school, and traffic – we recognize that our members have many reasons for showing up late for a class – through no fault of their own.
Although there is no policy that would fit all circumstances, we would like to provide the following guidelines to help you and our staff deal with these situations when they occur.
The following guidelines are based on these values:
  • We care about our members and want each member to be safe and avoid injury;
  • We want to members to enjoy their experiences in the gym, have fun, and celebrate community; and
  • We want to encourage members that make the attempt to participate, even when they are late for class.
Guidelines for Members Showing Up Late for Class
Regardless of how late a person is (a few minutes to 59 minutes late), we will always be welcoming and provide the opportunity for that person to join in on the class activities (Recognizes their attempt to participate, builds community, welcomes the member to enjoy the experiences at the gym).
We will always try to include the person into the current activities as quickly as possible – regardless of how much of the warm-up or skill has been missed.
If the person has missed a significant portion of the warm-up and/or skill, and we are concerned for their safety, we will simply express that concern to the person and suggest that they perform one of the CFGB Warm-ups on their own and join in as soon as they are ready.
Thanks – I’ll post a copy of the CFGB Warm-ups on the cork board at the gym. ~Bob
CFGB Standard Warm-Ups
“I’m on a Boat” Warm-Up:
Warm-Up with a PVC:
  • 30 Air Squats
  • 20 PVC Shoulder Pass-Throughs
  • 20 Overhead Squats w/PVC
“Band on the Run” Warm-up:
  • Run 400 m
  • Monster Band Walks
  • 20 Shoulder Pass-Throughs with Theraband
CrossFit Standard Warm-up:
3 rounds of 10-15 reps of
  • Samson Stretch (15-30 seconds)
  • Overhead Squat with PVC
  • AbMat Sit-up
  • Good Mornings w/PVC
  • Pull-up or Ring Row
  • Push-up or Dip
Of course, feel free to modify the above warm-ups as desired, and see you in class!

2 responses to “What If I’m Late to a Class?”

  1. Chris Felski says:

    What about setting up an open gym area? I’m one of those ones who between kids, work, dinner, bed and whatever else it’s hard to perfectly match 1:15 blocks. After working all day, I’m generally already warm and just want to get a WOD in. Although I prefer the competition of a group WOD, sometimes you just need to come in and knock one out real quick. It would be nice to have a space to do so and the coaches wouldn’t be directly responsible for us.

    • Hi Chris –

      Thanks for the comment. Members are always welcome to use the gym during a group class. The “Strength Lab” area usually works well as an “Open Gym” area for anyone that needs to train during a class.


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