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On Tuesday, I was putting together two new Assault Bikes — tightening down the various fixtures and then wheeling them over to join ranks with the others. I started to reflect on the community that we have built and the improvements that we have made over the years.

When traveling CrossFitters visit our box they often tell me how lucky we are to have such a nice gym (they will mention the equipment, the size, or perhaps the clean appearance). More often – however – they will mention how wonderful, welcoming, and friendly the people are at our gym. That always makes me so happy and proud of our community.

Thank you!

We work to make this the best CrossFit experience for you. Here are some of our recent improvements – along with some notes on future enhancements.

[Nutrition Program]

In November of 2017, we introduced a Nutrition program – consisting of individualized nutrition packages, nutritional challenges, and on-going nutritional coaching. Individuals that have participated in our challenge, or have received individual nutritional coaching have made real progress towards their goals – losing inches, dropping body fat, and ncreasing muscle. By completing Phase I of our program, these individuals are now ready to graduate to Phase II (On Going Nutritional Coaching) nd continue to make progress towards their long term goals.

If you would be interested in learning more – please contact me to schedule a 20-minute No Snack Intro and find out the best nutrition plan for you.

[In-house Competitions]

This year we have 82+ individuals participating in the CrossFit Games Open – seeing and experiencing all of the team spirit has been an amazing experience for me. Although I realize that the CrosFit Open may not be for everyone – I do believe that everyone at CFGB continues to be wonderful, welcoming, and friendly — so proud of this community.

Last year we held our 4th annual “King of the Jungle” Games. The in-house competition featured teams of three, each with a “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “RX” athlete. The event provided the opportunity for individuals to work together — meeting new CFGB friends.

We are now organizing a similar — King and Queen of the Jungle — event for mid May.

[New Equipment and Facilities]

For the most part, we have the equipment that we need. However, we have added some new 20# and 50# dumbbells and two new Assault Bikes (bringing the total now to seven Assault bikes).

We have noticed that some of the oder equipment has worn. In those cases, we have either repaired the equipment or removed it from service. If you find any issues with the equipment, please let us know so we can follow up and make things better.

We also “renovated” the front lobby, updated the toys in the kids area, and installed a mirror in the ladies room. We even built a reclaimed-wood wall! Look for a few more minor enhancements to the gym decor.

[Coaching Expertise]

We continue to learn more and more about CrossFit — by taking courses in Aerobic Endurance, Strength and Powerlifting, Flexibility, and Weightlifting.

In April, Andrea and Vanessa will be attending the CrossFit Gymnastics.

We look forward — and always enjoy sharing this expertise with you!

[Future Excursions]

Starting in April and May we will be offering some additional specialty classes. For example, in April we will offer a 6-week Weightlifting Excursion (focusing on the either the Snatch and Overhead Squat – or the Clean and the Jerk). In May, we will offer a Gymnastics Excursion – focusing on core gymnastics movements. We are excited about these new offering – so watch for those (registration will be limited to 10 individuals). Details on these excursions will be provided in the coming weeks.

[Goal Setting]

This would be an excellent time to meet with me to set your goals. Please take advantage of my offer and let me know you are interested – and I will set aside time to meet with you and discuss your goals.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read. You are the reason we are the best!



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