Fit for Summer Nutrition Challenge – April 15th

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I have been working really hard to put together an effective nutrition program for our community and the results have been great so far! On our recent challenge, CFGB participants lost an average of 1.7% in PERCENT BODY FAT, with an average weight loss of 3.6 LBS – about a pound of weight loss a week. By setting a reasonable goal – like losing a pound of fat a week – while making sensible and lasting changes to your nutrition, you will have the BIGGEST impact to your health and LONG TERM well being .

We have a TWO PHASE nutrition program. The first phase can be either the NUTRITION CHALLENGE, or one of our INDIVIDUALIZED NUTRITION packages. During the first phase, we set goals, test your bio-metrics, share a meal plan, provide nutrition education, and provide accountability. If you haven’t yet started PHASE I – I invite you to join us for our next nutrition challenge – starting next week – 15 April 2018. Learn more and register online. Phase I challenge registration is $99.

If you completed Phase I, then you are ready for Phase II. PHASE II – builds on what you have learned in the first phase. During phase II, we provide ongoing nutrition support and accountability, retest your biometrics, update your goals and action steps, review your food log, and tweak your plan. By moving into phase II, you continue to make improvements towards your long-range goals. If you completed Phase I and would like to start Phase II, please let me know so that we can continue to make improvements together. I recommend starting now so that you do no backtrack from what you have already gained. Participate in the next challenge and Jump Start your Phase II. Phase II – Ongoing Coaching is $65/month.

I would like to invite you to make the biggest positive impact in your long-term well being. Please let me know – I am happy to help.



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  1. Linda Pattison says:

    What level membership do you need to participate in the Nutrition program?

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