Working out when it is HOT!

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Hello CFGB Community –

Looks like the summer heat is here! Today is likely to hit a high of 98 degrees F and 45% humidity, with 96 degrees and 65% humidity predicted as a high for Tuesday. Little relief is in sight later this week as temperatures drop slightly to a high of 88 degrees F with 70% humidity.

Here are some tips that I put together for working out in the heat.

#1 – Some of the more obvious – make sure to hit these
You’re going to sweat more, so you better be drinking more. We advise our nutrition clients to try to consume 80 oz. of water every day. Be sure that you are drinking to thirst – hit that water – and don’t be caught with an empty tank.
Be sure to eat whole foods – fruits and vegetables are good sources of electrolytes. Eating a balanced diet rich in whole foods provides much of the micro-nutrients that your body needs. Don’t skip this vital step in your training. You are an Athlete! Train like an athlete! Eat like an athlete!
#2 – Tips during your workout
The weather becomes more and more of a factor as the temperatures rise. Be sure to take the heat into account. Here is a heat index chart from the National Weather Service to put your temperature and humidity together in order to find the temperature your body really feels when it works out in the heat and humidity.
Slow down – the extra heat increases the intensity of the workout. You will likely be working with a higher heart rate. So, slow down; scale back, lighten the load somewhat; decrease the reps; or shorten the distance.
Apply chalk before the workout starts. If you apply chalk after you have already started sweating – the chalk will likely turn into a sludgy paste and will not help. Applying the chalk before you start and really rubbing it in helps to fill-in the pores of your skin – helping to reduce the amount of sweating.

So,with the added humidity the effect of the heat is increased. In fact, with the humidity rising this week, we might expect Tuesday to feel even more “Hot” than today – with a little relief later this week. :O

Also, know that the additional heat will effect your performance. Here is a chart that shows the relative amount your performance is likely to degrade as the temperatures rise.

Adjust your mindset during your workout
A. Give yourself grace/be kind
B. Know it is not you, it is the weather
C. Adjust intensity based on feel, not by time or previous PR’s
D. Stop and walk when you need to
E. If you ever feel dizzy or dehydrated – STOP (one WOD isn’t worth it)

#3 – Tips for after your workout
Be diligent about your recovery meals and hydration – you ask your body to perform in these conditions, so take care of it and make sure you consume your recovery shake or mea within 30 minutes of your workout. This is also a good time to re-hydrate.
Sleep to recover. Turn off the lights; go to bed; stick to your bedtime routine. Your body needs sleep to recover. If at all possible please get your sleep 7+ hours at a minimum – more is better.
Final thoughts –

Consider adjusting the time of your workout, if possible. The temperatres are usually cooler in the early morning (5 AM and 6 AM classes) and later in the evening (6:45 PM, and Tue/Thurs @ 8PM).

If you have additional thoughts or insights, please share.



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