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My first CrossFit experience was at CrossFit Glen Burnie on August 1, 2017. I had recently moved to Maryland that summer, started my first job out of college, and was looking to better myself physically and meet new people. I [have] never been an active person but I wanted to be. I joined On Ramp after meeting Bob and Andrea and knew I made the right choice. Not only am I becoming more active, but I am also becoming more confident and building a life here through the wonderful community.
There are two hard workouts that come to mind when I think back through my first year of CrossFit. The first one was Deck of Cards (I think that was the name of it). Going through a full deck of cards with various movements and reps was really hard. I believe it was about two or three weeks after I finished On Ramp and the first long workout I did. I couldn’t get through all of it. I was hot and tired and I hate lunges. The second one was during the King of the Jungle competition – three months after On Ramp I decided to do the competition. I had to snatch 75lbs for ten good reps. I didn’t get ten but I did get a few. Everyone was cheering me on and coaching me through the pain and frustration. I may have cried that day but I’m glad I tried.
CrossFit to me means community. As a whole, the CrossFit world is about celebrating victories, mourning losses, and building each other together. When you walk into a CrossFit box or go to an event, you are greeted with welcoming smiles. You won’t be lonely in CrossFit. Everything you do and go through is done with people at your side Coaches and athletes a like cheer you on and support you. The competitions, the Hero WODs, and the shared stories on various social media platforms are proof of that community.
Q: If you could have anything to eat, what would be your go-to favorite meal or dessert? Details, please!
D: My favorite meal will always be chicken wings and fries. I cannot tell you how much I love chicken wings; I really have to watch myself most weeks not to always get it. And to have Hideaway right around the corner is pure torture! Spicy dry rub all the way!

If you are new to the gym, have a suggestion for a social activity, want to pass along a suggestion, concern or idea – please feel free to reach out to one of our CFGB coaches, a CFGB Liaison, or one of the many members in our CFGB community. We are here to help!

Our team of volunteer CFGB Community Liaisons – includes Jessica, Brandon P, Denise, Tony, and Flor.  Our Mission/Vision: To build the most engaging positive-minded CrossFit community – an inclusive community that inspires, motivates, and benefits all.

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Photo: Denise (center), with Yvette, Camila, and Flor.

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