Strength Training Foundations

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Our strength programs are based on foundations developed over many years – with roots in work performed by Alexander Sergeyevitch Prilepin, Louis Simmons (Westside Barbell) and Thomas R Baechle.

The first table (table 1) presents a top-level picture of two strength training zones developed by Louis Simmons as part of the overall conjugate method.  This table simply classifies the two complementary strength-training method known as MAX EFFORT training and DYNAMIC EFFORT training.  MAX EFFORT training represents our max effort to move our heaviest loads.  The DYNAMIC EFFORT method is moving sub-maximal loads, with speed and power.  Each of these methods will be present in a complete strength program.

The second (table 2) presents suggested repetitions and total repetition ranges to perform in a workout for optimal training results – optimizing to product a sufficient amount of training volume while maintaining the desired training intent (absolute strength, strength-speed, and speed-strength).

The third table (table 3) presents MAX REPS that an individual could perform as the loading varies — lesser number of reps can be performed on the heaviest loads, for example.  These tables represent the third element in strength training — recognizing the maximum number of repetition that can be performed given any loading.

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