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Q: What was your first CrossFit experience?
A: I was in Afghanistan in 2009 and on of the NCO I worked with asked if I wanted to do some “CrossFit”. Little did I know that a workout with pull ups and this barbell movement called thrusters would result in 2 days of soreness. I didn’t come back to CrossFit till long after my injury in 2014, and even then it was sparse and on my own at the globo gyms.

Q: What hardship or challenge have you faced – and how did you approach that problem?
A: A recent hardship that I have faced is balancing my schedule to achieve my physical, spiritual and intellectual goals since returning from my 1 year tour in Florida. I have approached this problem by starting to form a morning and evening routine which allows me a start and ending to my day. In the morning I meditate for 5 mins, visualize in my car on the way to the gym and workout no matter how sore, tired or mental drained. My evening ending ritual is saying good night to daughters, ensuing my male are prepped for the next day, pack up my clothes and belongings for the next day and drink my casein.

Q: What has been the toughest workout?
A: The toughest workout for me at this point is Diane.

Q: What does CrossFit mean to you? Why do you CrossFit?
A: CrossFit means community. It has reinvigorate my sense of belonging to a group of like minded people who focus on hard work, committed and goal orientated and a deep desire to improve their lives. I CrossFit for a number of reasons, but what keeps me coming back is that I’m humbled everyday by the workload, the amazing people and the progress I continue to make as I knock down personal, emotional and physical challenges.

Q: Did anything ever go wrong in a workout for you? What was that like?
A: Yes it has whenever I go out to fast or rip my hands. Not good, but I try to focus on the intent of the workout and not limit my thinking tot the injury.

Q: If you could have anything to eat, what would be your go-to favorite meal or dessert? Details, please!
A: MANY FOODS! But my go to would have to be In-N-Out Burger, Double Double Animal Style with a side of Five Guy Fries, a Cherry Coke and a Chic-Fil-A Cookies and Cream Milkshake for desert. If I needed a snack after, it would be UTZ Ridged Sour Cream Onion Chips

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Photo: Tony at the Barbell Club, Saturday AM.

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