Upcoming Events – Nutrition Transformation and CPR/AED Course

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We are proud to announce the following upcoming events.

  • CFGB 2019 Nutrition Challenge
  • CPR/AED Certificate Course


We will be kicking off a 12-Week Transformation and a 6-Week Nutrition Challenge on January 26th.

Here is a brief video outlining the 6-week challenge and the 12-week transformation.  [https://youtu.be/li2qQG9qFKI]

Also, here is a link to a flyer that outline the details on each of these two options, so you can pick the one that is right for you.

2019 Transformation Flyers

If you would like to register for the 12-week Transformation, please use this link to schedule your initial appointment with a CFGB nutrition coach (select the link, pick a time, and select a coach).

Schedule My 12-Week Transformation – Initial Appointment

If you would rather register for the 6-week challenge, please use this link to register and pay for the challenge.

Register for My 6-Week Challenge


CPR/AED Certificate Course

On Saturday 1/12/2019 – Noon to 4 PM – $79 for CFGB Members

Register online for $79 CFGB Member Price

Provided by Life Rescue Training:
CPR will cover and provide:
Knowledge and skill to administer effective CPR for an adult, child, and infant
The basics of why we do CPR, the importance of scene safety when approaching a patient, what to say when activating the 911 system
AED will cover and provide:
Students on how to incorporate the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) when performing CPR
The importance and need for the AED
Students learn about cardiac arrest and when and why the AED is needed and applied

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