How to ENJOY a BURGER & Keep Your NUTRITION on Track

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SIX tips for enjoying a burger out and still keep your nutrition on track.

1. Know before you go!
Most restaurants list their menu online as well as the nutrition facts.  Review the menu before you go and find the healthiest options.
2. So Extra
Be wary of the extras – a little extras on the side can really add up.  Shakes, fountain sodas, and fries can easily double or triple the number of calories in your meal AND the nutritional content of these items is relatively low [i.e. lots of empty calories].
3. Be Mindful
Your brain is typically about 15-minutes behind your belly.  Slow down and ENJOY the flavors of your BURGER!  Fully chew each delicious bite – and stop when you are 80-90% full.
4. Veggies First
Try to include as many veggies options as possible – and if possible, include a side salad or side of veggies and eat your veggies first.
5. Drink Water 
Watch out for any sweetened and diet beverages.  Instead, try an unsweetened iced-tea with a fresh lemon slice – or just go with water.  That’s what your body wants anyway!  If you want something sweat, consider adding a small cup of fresh melon or fruit on the side.
6. Sub Out
Don’t sacrifice on flavor!  Instead, consider making a few substitutions where it really counts.  The bun can arguably be he most deal-making and deal-breaking part of the meal.  If you are going to include the bun, then you also should take a 20-minute walk immediately after the meal as a fair-trade for this indulgence.  The walk will help to reduce the blood sugar higher glycemic effects of the bun.  If you know that higher-glycemic foods are unkind to your waistline, then making a substitution for that BUN will help — options include a grilled portobello mushroom bun, or just a simple lettuce wrap.
The second place that a substitution may be made is UPGRADING the burger.  Typical burgers have a fairy high fat content leading to more calories coming from your meal’s fat content and less from the protein.  If possible, use grass-fed beef, salmon, or turkey burgers!
… and remember Treats not Cheats.
Keeping it positive.  🙂

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