Leila – CFGB Member Spotlight

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I joined the Marine Corps in 2006 and while it has its moments I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love traveling and with my husband Mark and together we have just hit our 11th visited country. The goal to see at least two new countries every year. We just returned from Spain and Italy are currently planning for Egypt in the spring.

Question: If you were out with a group of your best friends — the people closest to you — how would they describe you?

My friends would probably describe me as a nerd.

Question: Why are you excited about CrossFit? What does CrossFit mean to you?

I have worked with trainers and lifted weights in the past but I never felt like I was building functional strength. Most of my friends do some type of high-Intensity training and say it has made the difference in their performance. The diversity in exercise and community of the cross-fit made it an easy pick for me.

Bonus Question: If It Were Possible, Would You Own A Pet Dinosaur? If So, Which One And Why?

Yes absolutely! If everything was paid for (I.e. food and enclosure space) I would go with a Brachiosaurus, if not I’d want one of the small Archaeopteryx’s (basically a dinosaur chicken).

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