2019 CFGB Holiday Party

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Hello CFGB Community –

On Saturday, December 14th, we will be celebrating the 2019 Holiday Season. All are invited. The CFGB Holiday party will begin at 10 AM with holiday themed WOD, to be followed by ugly sweater contest, (optional) white-elephant gift exchange, and a potlock/small plates.

(i) Holiday Themed WOD – coach Vanessa is “cooking” up a special CFGB 12 Days of Christmas workout : will be the workout for the 10 AM CrossFit class.
(ii) Ugly sweater contest : optionally, wear your most “stylish” holiday sweater
(iii) White-Elephant gift exchange : small gift $5 to $19 – if you wish to participate, bring your wrapped gift to the event
(iv) Pot Luck – small plates : please feel free to bring a small item to share : Bob plans to make something incredibly delicious

We would love to see you at the event!


The CFGB Staff

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