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You now have several versions of the WORKOUT of the DAY to better help you to individualize and target your specific goals.


We recognize that each person is working towards their own specific goals – and these goals are as varied as the members of our community.  Since 2013, we have provided a single version of the WORKOUT of the DAY, that we all tailored for our individual needs and desires.  We now see an opportunity to provide enhanced targeting of your specific goals with our NEW CFGB Workout of the Day Tracks.

Here are some of our guiding principles that shaped this decision:

  • “Inclusive” – every individual is important regardless of their current level or their current aspirations.
  • “Resolute” – In the long run, Effort and Hard Work are more valuable than Talent
  • “Optimizing” – Constantly probe & ask how can we make this better; Don’t do anything halfway; and Go above and beyond
  • “Thriving” – Identify focus areas and celebrate them as an opportunity to improve; Keep an open mind and find the learning zone

The three Workout of the Day Tracks are summarized below.  When you read through these, one or two of them will sound closest to your own individual goals and aspirations.  Although you may choose one or another track as your focus, on any particular day, you are welcome to select from any of the available workout tracks.  We will use the following “Tags” to help you select the best workout option for you.

“Performance” – increase performance.  The Performance track focuses on constantly-varied movements and challenging weights to help us excel at activities, jobs, and sports outside the gym.  If you have a physically demanding job, play in an adult soccer league, ski with the family, or golf on the weekends and want to up your performance, this is the track for you.

“Fitness” – longevity, health, wellness, and overall fitness.  The Fitness track focuses on straight-forward movements, and manageable weights to consistently provide a workout that improve our health and fitness.

“Open” – competitive edge in the sport of CrossFit.  The Open track provides consistently challenging workouts with intermediate and advanced gymnastics skills, increased repetition ranges, and the most challenge weights.  This track is designed for individuals that are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit at any level – the Games, the Open, local area competitions, etc.



You can view all of the workout options directly in SugarWOD.  Each workout option is listed separately under the Workout of the Day.  The words “Performance”, “Fitness”, and “Open” are added to the workout title.  Enter your results, as before, by selecting the workout option that you performed in class.  And as before, if you performed that workout as written, select “RX”.  If you tailored the workout, select “Scaled”.  Optionally, enter any additional information in the notes section.

During your CrossFit class, the coach will brief the workout – usually starting with the “Performance” version of the workout, and then highlighting the differences in the other options.  As usually, the coach will provide a number of scaling options and help you to get the best workout possible.

What If:

Q: What if I generally select “Fitness”, but I decide to do the “Performance” version of the workout?

Each day, you are welcome to select the best option for you.  Some people will find that more than one option fits their goals.  In that case, selecting the best option for you can change from day to day.

Q: What if I can “RX” one of the options, but the other option looks better to me, even though I would need to “Scale” the workout – which should I choose?

The goal is not to “RX” more workouts – instead, the goal should be to select the workout that will provide the best workout for you and your individual goals.  If a workout favors a particular skill or movement that you would like to improve or workout on, select that option – you can always adjust the weight, repetitions, and range of motion to better match your individual focus areas.

Sometimes, there are two good options, and either one would work.  In that case, you win either way.  Select the one that feel most right to you and go for it!

Q: What if I generally select “Open”, but the barbell weight is too heavy, or the gymnastic movement is too advanced for me, should I select one of the other options that day?

The “Open” track is intentionally challenging, and it is perfectly acceptable to scale the workout.  If the barbell loading is too heavy – or prevents you from moving well – we would suggest adjusting the loading on the barbell.  The coach will provide suggested loading (such as, “the barbell weight should be something that you can complete 15 unbroken repetitions without a problem, when fresh” – for example).  Use the coach’s guidance to select the best loading.

In the case of advanced gymnastics, the coach can provide progressions that will help you develop the skill.  In fact, selecting an option with a skill that you do not currently possess, is the best way to work toward that skill.


If you have questions or comments not addressed here, please let me know.  I would be happy to try and answer those for you.



Coach Bob

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