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Hello CFGB Community –

Today I am thinking of two words — PATIENCE and CONSISTENCY. These two words can help us to reach our goals and see AMAZING results. But, to understand how, I want us to take a minute to think about each of these.

First, I want us to think of PATIENCE. With respect to diet and exercise – what does it mean to be patient? Much of how we view patience has much to do with how we perceive our goals – and what it might take to achieve them. Building muscle, weight loss, getting our first pull-up – all can require a great deal of patience. But what do we do when it is SO HARD to wait? When I have a big goal or project – I like to have a MASTER PLAN as well as a finer-grained plan with smaller steps and actions that I can take.

If you would like – take a few minutes to reflect on your goals and what is really important to you. It is fine to dream big — just make sure that it is something that really motivates you — something that is really important to you. HEALTH and HAPPINESS are often good places to start. Once you have that goal, take a few minutes to reflect on what is is really going to take — the actions that you will need to do to get there. This usually includes some HARD WORK, or something that you are not currently doing, or not consistently doing. Be realistic — and write down the 3 or 4 things that will move you in the right direction.

The second word is CONSISTENCY. We are what we repeated do. Or more accurately — we have been what we have repeated done. If we are going to make a change — then we need to put into action those things that we KNOW will make a difference. But, in my mind, here is the more important factor — CONSISTENCY. I often talk about making the decision about WHO YOU ARE. To decide, “enough is enough”, to put un-helpful actions aside, and decide that you are the kind of person that will do the things that need to be done. To make progress towards our goals, we CONSISTENTLY do the things that move us in that direction.

You are AMAZING – and I believe that you can do AMAZING things.



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