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We’re proud of our business and there are several things we’d like you to know:

  • Poor health and chronic disease cause overwhelming pain and suffering – and eventual death for far too many.
  • Nutrition and Fitness can improve a person’s health and in many cases reverse the trends of chronic illness – improving upon a person’s fitness widens the margin of health between fitness and illness.

Our Mission is:
“Change the lives of hundreds of individuals, their families and loved ones – increase their fitness and as such, build a community of happier individuals living healthier lives. “

  • We have been providing structure, accountability, fitness, health, and improved performance for our members for over 7+ years
  • We are located in Odenton, Maryland
  • We value our members by providing excellent coaching – everyday we help our members with their nutrition and their fitness by telling them exactly what they need to do

TRUST is everything today – and if we don’t earn your trust then we don’t deserve to have you as a member.


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