Kids Policy

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CrossFit Glen Burnie Members & Parents,

Having a safe and family friendly environment is important to us at CFGB.  This is not just limited to the safety of our members, but also any children who are present at the box during group classes.  Up to this point we haven’t had an official ‘policy’ on what is, and is not, appropriate for children at the box while their parents are working out.  As our member base and class sizes grow, so do the number of children at the facility at any given time.  Therefore, we feel that it is important to establish some guidelines to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for everyone at the box, as well as to preserve the integrity of the group class experience for all members, with and without children.  If you choose to bring your children with you to group classes, we are asking for your help to enforce these guidelines with your children.  We realize that this is a departure from what has been allowed in the past, but we feel that it is absolutely necessary from a safety perspective.

  1. Children are not allowed on the gym floor during group classes (No Exceptions).  This includes the warm-up, the WOD, and any post-WOD work. Inside the building children must stay in the office/lounge/kids area.  Feel free to bring in books, video games, coloring supplies, puzzles, etc. for the kids to use in the lounge area while you are working out.
  2. All equipment is off limits to children at all times (excluding CrossFit Kids/Teens class).  This includes the pull-up rig, rings, jump ropes, boxes, rowers, dowels, foam rollers, barbells, kettle bells, etc.
  3. No scooters allowed inside the building.
  4. The parking lot is not an appropriate place for children to be playing unsupervised.
  5. Help us keep the inside and outside of the gym tidy.  Please ensure that your child has cleaned up after themselves before you leave the gym.  This includes food, games, and books in the lounge, as well as toys and sidewalk chalk outside.
  6. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their children are following these guidelines.  If you see your child doing something they shouldn’t, you must stop the WOD and address it immediately.  Please do this in a way that is not disruptive to the rest of the class.  The coaches need to be focused on running the class.

We have had the good fortune of providing a safe and family friendly environment.  All of the parents and children have been wonderful.  Thank you!  Having said that, we would like to stay ahead of the curve — continuing to provide a safe environment for all.

Please have a conversation with your children before coming to class, so that they understand what is expected of them.  We would like to reiterate that we love having families come to the gym together and we are only looking out for the safety and enjoyment of all members.  It is very important that as a gym we implement and stand by these new policies as a good example to current and future members and families. Thank you for your understanding.

Please direct any questions, concerns, and suggestions to