Learn to Lift

– Gain Confidence, Be More Active, and Enjoy Life

Have you wanted to
learn to exercise feel like…

It’s disheartening walking into a gym and feeling like you only belong on the machines

You are worried about getting injured or re-aggravating previous injuries

Find it difficult to workout alone without a community or support

It can be hard to fit a complete workout in your busy schedule

Be More Active

Want to learn to lift weights?

Want to build confidence lifting weights?

Need a little help with form and motivation?

Trying to find time for group fitness, but need childcare?

Wanting to find something active to do with kids this summer that also helps you?

“Lost 15 pounds and down almost 5% body fat! Way to go Kelli, we are so proud of you!”

About the Program/Class:

Learn to Lift is an active workshop to understand exercise, not just understand how to do it. Coach Cheyenne or guest speaker will share with you tenets of health and fitness in 5-10 minutes of a lecture on the weekly focus each session. Throughout the program you will learn more than just the technique of lifting and will gather a better understanding of: holistic nutrition, pain, overall programming, importance of aerobic training, modifiable intensity, aging bodies and exercise, pelvic floor health, and olympic lifting.

We want to Help You Achieve Your goals!

Benefits of our Learn to Lift Fitness Classes

You will learn the fundamentals of weightlifting and exercise programming in a group atmosphere

A certified weightlifting coach will tailor the workout specifically to your needs and restrictions

Onesite Childcare is provided free of charge during all classes

There are 18, 1-hour sessions that include education on health related topics, coach lead warm-ups and exercises

Incorporates a 6-week strength cycle that focuses on functional movements such as squatting, hinging, pressing, pulling and core engagement

Save Money and Be More Active

PERSONAL TRAINING can cost $900+ or more every 4-weeks!

Learn to Lift Classes $270/6-weeks

The cost for 18 session is just $15 per class, but the benefit is priceless – There is no other 6-week program that sets you up with the knowledge, movements and feedback in a live group setting. You will leave equipped to train yourself through life’s seasons!

The Plan


Contact your “Learn to Lift” Coach


Learn about our program and if it's right for you


Gain confidence in community and weightlifting through the Learn to Lift Program

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About the Coach

“I grew up playing sports in a small Midwest town, which means you play a new sport as the seasons change. I found success in long-distance running but enjoyed team sports with more complex movements the most. I’ve always had a love for moving and helping people learn sport technique. However, when I went to college, I was embarrassed to say I didn’t know how to exercise in a traditional sense. As a Kinesiology Major I felt like a fraud- I loved the material but felt lost trying to apply it at the Rec Center. How do I move when I’m not on a team? When I did distance running, I got bored and lonely. I tried at-home cardio programs, but felt restricted in my living room and found the environment less than motivating. I tried dance based group fitness, but the environment just wasn’t me. I lucked upon a research position that studied group fitness with CrossFit. I love it, competed in local competitions, did a research project with older adults (> 65 years), and got my certification to teach it. Little did I know that it would shape much of what I would do in the years to come. I married my college sweetheart and he whisked me away to Mississippi, Illinois, Florida before eventually landing here- Thanks Air Force. All the places we landed we found a community, a gym (most of the time one in the same) and the OBGYN Office. In February of 2022 I had my third baby, a beautiful girl and was completely overwhelmed as a “Stay at Home Mom” of three under the age of 4 and hundreds of miles away from family. But there was a light at the end of the overwhelming tunnel in the form of my gym community. I am grateful for my family, schooling, and opportunities, but something that brings me an abundance of joy is my ability to move, exercise, express, deload, and socialize through group fitness.

I want to share what I have learned through my journey with you in a 6-week group fitness class, not just to learn the proper techniques and how to use a barbell, but to have confidence and build self-confidence through exercise and weight lifting. It is my hope by the end of these weeks together that you will have tools to train your body for life- be it understanding of body mechanics in sports to prevent injury, an exercise alternative at the college rec center, stress relief in the thick of life, or adjusting our bodies to life’s changes. Continuing to exercise as life evolves has been foundational to my physical health, mental health, and finding community- let me share the joy of movement with you!

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