Sample of CFGB Teen Programming

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The CrossFit Glen Burnie CrossFit Teen: Strength and Conditioning Program has enjoyed an AMAZING summer pre-season with an emphasis on a few different skill sets including the squat, forward roll, front squat, push press, pull-ups and push-ups and wall ball shots. A sample of our teen programming is below. The fall season will open in September. (Note: The programming may be modified by the coach during the session to best serve the class needs.)

August 24, 2014
3x or 5:00
5 perfect squats, 30 seconds in the bottom of the squat, 5 jumping squats, 10 walking Spiderman stretches, 5 perfect push-ups, 100-meter run
Skill: Front squat and push press – focus on rack positions
Front squats, 35#/25#
Push presses, 35#/25#
Lever practice
Max L-sits x 3
Mobility – hips, quads, hamstrings, shoulders

August 31, 2014
Warm-Up: 3x or 5:00 Handstand hold/attempt, 5 Cossack squats, each leg => precision jump => 2 monkey hangs, speed ladder, basic dot drill x 10, 5 perfect squats, 30 seconds in the bottom of the squat, pigeon stretch
Skill: Pull-up – focus on engaging shoulders/lats to begin movement
Skill: Push-up – focus on maintaining plank throughout movement
Skill: Wall ball shot – focus on controlling medicine ball for each shot
WOD: 18:00 AMRAP
3 C2B pull-ups
6 clapping push-ups
9 wall ball shots, 10#/8#, 9’ target
10 barbell walking lunges, 15#
10 barbell box step-ups, 15#
Mobility – hamstrings, hips, lats